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What do you expect from a ship management organisation? Reliability for sure. Independence is also important, both in freighting and technical management. Apart from that, independence is also rather scarce among ship management companies.

But there is an extra reason to select Strongskip as a business partner.

captianvankeulenIn the present market situation most ship owners are best served by lucid management. We focus on this question: what can we do today to enlarge the margin between cost and revenue? Strongskip likes to be busy with that.

Whether your fleet consists of one ship or several vessels, we want to see economically sound naval action every day. Navigare necesse est.

Captain van Keulen

Market index

Strongskip has launched its Market Index, named Strongskip100. This index is a representative picture of the market for dry cargo gearless MPP and bulk vessels operating in pools, trading world wide and size between 3000TDW and 15000kTDW.

The Strongskip100 index is adding market visibility for stakeholders in the shipping industry


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